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Whether your organization is operating in a high-risk or low-risk environment, Stabilitas is the go-to AI Platform For Managing Risk and Improving Safety.

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Stabilitas for NGOs

Integrated Technology and Communications for the Forward-Thinking NGO

When our founders were operating in Afghanistan, they often encountered NGO personnel who lacked key pieces of intel necessary for safe operations. Often times, these individuals working alongside U.S. Armed Forces wouldn’t know of life-threatening situations: from IEDs to other deadly threats. Solving this information flow problem was one of the central catalysts for Stabilitas.

We solve the problem by providing a "threat intelligence ecosystem": an AI-augmented suite of tools for total security management. From Travel Risk Management to Security Intelligence and Threat Monitoring to multi-channel Crisis Communications, Stabilitas provides NGO security professionals with all the tools they need to ensure the safety of their personnel. With Stabilitas, waiting for key intel is a thing of the past.

Superior Intel

Stabilitas provides you with intel that’s relevant to your assets, in near real-time. We take the guess work out of threat relevancy.


Stabilitas’ multi-channel Crisis Communication platform allows you to alert and stay in contact with all your personnel to keep everyone in the loop.


From coordinating a response, communicating across your organization or utilizing our software - we’ll be there to help you ensure smooth operations.

Advanced Intelligence and Crisis Communications -Without Borders

Stabilitas is the all-in-one security solution built from the ground up to keep all of your people safe. Our platform, powered by AI and over a hundred human security analysts, provides you with crucial intel that you can’t afford to be without - all in near real-time. Our multi-channel mass communications tools give you the power of connectivity across platforms, enabling you to contact stakeholders instantly and ensure that they get the message.

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