De-Risking Security Management For Your Business.

The Sun Never Sets for Global Security Management.

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Stabilitas for Business

Full Duty of Care at Scale.

We get it. When your organization has thousands of people and assets all over the world, you only have so much time in the day to assess and manage risk. We’ve seen and experienced firsthand the challenges of global risk and security management.

For corporations looking to enhance or expand their capabilities, we uniquely provide a single web and mobile platform for threat intelligence, crisis communications, business continuity, and travel risk management to meet security standards common among Global Fortune 500 firms.

Easy Implementation

Stabilitas’ cloud-based software is OS agnostic. Our software is able to integrate with virtually any API - just ask.


Stabilitas can be customized to best serve your organization. If there are specific features you want to add or remove, our implementation professionals can make it happen.


Configure Stabilitas to work behind the scenes based on your specific needs so that you can have peace of mind while you sleep at night.

A New Era of Security Management.

Stabilitas Threat Intelligence Ecosystem is the all-in-one, turnkey solution for travel risk management, threat intelligence monitoring and multi-channel mass communications. It will save you hours of time sorting through data and reaching stakeholders during crises. In our profession, wasted time doesn’t just mean wasted money - it can mean life or death. Schedule a demo and find out how Stabilitas can improve your workflow today.

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