Safety for the Global Campus.

Because Duty of Care Doesn't Stop at the Dorms.

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Stabilitas for Universities

Security for the Global Campus

In a world where global travel and international relations are no longer an option, students are choosing to study abroad more often than ever. As such, universities are always seeking to create more opportunities for their students and staff to travel, learn from other cultures, and broaden their horizons. As a security professional, you know the risks involved with sending young people off on their own to foreign lands.

Where should you recommend your students stay? How do you vet foreign providers? What happens if an emergency situation arises and your student-traveller needs medical care? The Stabilitas platform is designed to tackle these problems and more. With industry-leading travel risk management, ongoing security intelligence & monitoring, and multi-channel mass communications, Stabilitas enables a higher standard of safety for your students and staff - from takeoff to their safe return home.


Be aware of security risks facing your students and staff. Stabilitas Threat Intelligence Ecosystem has a suite of tools that enable you to proactively assess risks and notify stakeholders anytime during their travels.


Stabilitas provides a user-friendly mobile app your student and staff travelers to keep you aware of where they are and what risks they may be facing at all times. Streamlining mass communication is made easy.


Stabilitas offers its clients 24/7 customer support. If something happens and you need help - be it coordinating a response, communicating across your organization or utilizing our software - we’ll be there to help.

Ensure Students & Staff Feel At Home - Wherever They Are.

Stabilitas provides you with the all tools and resources you need to keep you people safe - in one easy to use platform. Like you, we battle every day against inefficiency in security and risk management, building a platform for the serious security professional that’s customizable, easy-to-use and effective. Sign up for a demo today and see how Stabilitas can help your university’s global security management.

“The Ugandan government issued an emergency message about a possible terrorist action in Kampala while our students were traveling.  Thanks to the app (we used the online map, which worked great), we were able to report where everyone was and communicate to the University executive.  This meant that everyone felt “in control” and no travel plans were disrupted.”

-university of virginia, international studies office

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