Stabilitas Solution

Proprietary Critical Event Intelligence Platform

The Stabilitas AI platform delivers a full-suite solution for event monitoring, asset intelligence and mass notification. In a critical event, Stabilitas clusters the event information, identifies which facilities and employees are at risk, immediately notifies you, u, and facilitates alerting and communications – all in a single platform.

The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence platform and API are the only single-source AI critical event intelligent solutions that integrate more than 15,000 trusted data sources across government, weather and geological, local and international, social media and other external data feeds (e.g., public facilities such as transportation terminals, event venues, and energy facilities and pipelines) into a single feed which provides dedicated tracking of your resources on a global scale.

Build with our Critical Event API

Our multi-source, proprietary API connects you to the most relevant data, filters through the noise and isolates those events that may affect your business continuity and resources. With robust filtering options such as referenced entities, locations and risk type, we connect you to the world's events, and filters out the noise into a single, relevant API call. You can integrate the API directly in applications to improve predictive analytics, manage supply chain nodes and evaluate mitigation plans for their resources and employees.

Critical event intelligence API

Single Common Operating Picture with the Stabilitas Dashboard

Access our dashboard for highly-relevant intelligence happening near your key resources, receive email and text notifications when critical events happen and programmatically deliver mass alerts through a multi-channel system.

Critical event notifications that matter
Stabilitas identifies critical events that matter to your business.
Proprietary Stabilitas critical event intelligence notification of at-risk resources and people
Quickly assess the situation and understand which resources are at potential risk.
Proprietary Stabilitas critical event intelligence notification of at-risk resources and people
Mass notification system from a single operating view
Send two-way communications and mass alerts from a single dashboard.