Your Travel Risk Management Solution.

Actively Manage Your Employees' Safety - from Departure to Return.

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Security At It's Finest.

Get relevant, intelligent and up-to-date reports for any employee traveling overseas. Stabilitas’ analysts get data that’s processed from over 18,000 vetted sources through a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to ensure your report is factual, relevant and timely.

Full Duty of Care.

For the traveling employee, Stabilitas allows you to remain informed and get local, dynamic context in seconds while on the go.

For corporate travel and security managers, Stabilitas offers a complete suite of Duty of Care services. Even if you don't have contact information for all the embassies, we do.

connected ecosystem

Fully integrated with Stabilitas Security Intelligence and Mass Communications to provide a seamless experience.

mobile app integration

Empower your security team with the ability to see where your employees are in real time while they're on the move - while preserving privacy.

crisis communications ready

Communicate with employees based on their current locations so they aren't left in the dark when trouble strikes.

rapid global support

From customer support to local assistance, from access to embassies to local security, we provide an unparalleled level of service to your organization.

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