Security Intelligence Powered by AI.

Enabling You to Respond Proactively and Avoid Crises.

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Join the Intelligence Ecosystem.

Leverage an entire ecosystem of information to give real-time insights into what is happening around the world and how it impacts your people and organization.

Instantly Coordinate your Response.

Get information and context quicker. Stabilitas’ AI-augmented intelligence gathering enables you to immediately know when an incident occurs so you can coordinate the best possible response.

Geo-Targeted Alerts

Get geolocation alerts and heat maps to simplify monitoring and prevent information overload.

Relevant intel

Stabilitas analyzes over 18,000 vetted sources of risk information to provide you with the most relevant intel in the industry.

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Our proprietary technology instantly informs you if an incident affects your people or assets around the world.

Fully customizable alerts

Leverage custom feeds to tailor your alerts for your needs. Choose alerts by proximity, role, severity, time and keyword.

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