Multi-Channel Crisis Communications.

Go Beyond Notifications With Reliable Two-Way Communication - Integrated with Threat Intelligence.

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More than Crisis Communication.

With Stabilitas Crisis Communications, you can keep team members safe by providing them with immediate access to critical information if and when disaster strikes.

Make "Unreachable" a Thing of the Past.

Keep your team connected by providing 2-way crisis communications with rapid accountability. Our simple, intuitive user experience is purpose-built for you to save time when it matters.

Multi-Channel Communications

Coordinate messaging with SMS, voice, email, in-app, and more. Customize your channels of communication based on location and context.

opt-in for tracking

Some situations call for additional overwatch. Allow your employees to share their location when they are in high risk areas with the Stabilitas Mobile App.

customized messaging

Customize and automate your crisis communication messaging based on the specific needs of your context.

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