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Travel Risk Management.

Stabilitas’ full-service platform is augmented with crowd-sourced and vetted expert knowledge, combined with our proprietary machine learning technology. 

This integrated approach translates into saved time and an unparalleled quality of safety. Benchmark with Stabilitas.


Real Time Intel.

Get alerted when an incident occurs and instantly know how it affects your assets.

Stabilitas' AI augmented technology and crowd-sourced intelligence provides you with asset-specific intel from multiple vetted sources.


More Than Crisis Communications.

Stabilitas provides multi-channel emergency mass notifications. Reach thousands of your employees using email, SMS texts, voice calls, app notifications. Send location-specific communications based on office locations, travel (PNR) data, or real-time mobile locations.

With integrated threat intelligence and incident detection, your crisis communications are contained in a single web and mobile platform - nothing gets dropped in an emergency.


View Breaking Incidents on the Go

Built for everyone from travelers and intelligence analysts to security teams and global security operation centers (GSOC), Stabilitas' mobile application allows everyone to be in sync.


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“I love the all-in-one solution. I love that you can 'plug and play' with my existing vendors - and that you bring your own proprietary solution.  That kind of flexibility and optionality is exactly what I’m looking for.”  

-fortune 100 global security manager