Sources: What Are You Reading?

Stabilitas Staff

We interviewed Phil LiPari, a recent MercyHurst Intel Program alum to ask: "What are you reading?"

Sources for Analysts:  What are you reading?  

Twenty years ago, every plebe at West Point was responsible for knowing the entire front page of the New York Times.  I remember being quizzed on the intricacies of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.  This spring, when Stabilitas hired Phil LiPari out of MercyHurst, with its reputation for producing high-quality analysts, we had to know, "What are new analysts reading?"

It’s a common question among both new and experienced intel analysts.  The same question arose during the Q&A of last fall’s AIRIP conference, when a young analyst asked a respected private sector Intelligence chief* the same question. 

So, we wanted to share our findings. Here’s the list, abbreviated from our conversation with Phil:  

For General News: Reuters and BBC for the international coverage and general news.  

Blogs and Content Curation

For National Security News, check out DefenseOne - particularly the Daily D-Brief.   

For Blogs, check out War Is Boring.  You’ll find short-form articles on policy, tech, culture and history related to Security.  Contributors range from young to retired journalists.  DefenseIQ called War is Boring, "quirky, cutting and very, very good."

Check out this snippet from the D-Brief from May 2 2018. We like the brevity, the format, and the multiple sources.

Also, check out War On The Rocks.  If you’re looking for a good podcast to get started with, check out this helpful overview on Counter Terrorism across recent Presidents.

War on the Rocks 

Frequently the best analysis happens in tension--when two smart groups of people (respectfully) battle it out.  (As an aside, this is of course why the best Risk Managers set up Red Teams and wargame future plans). If you’ve got more time, check out Intelligence Squared, like this recent video on whether Negotiations can Denuclearize North Korea.

It's upcoming topics like this which make us like Intelligence Squared

Think Tanks and Centers

- Council on Foreign Relations

- Brookings (really solid reports on terror groups)

- Combating Terrorism Center

- White papers from Cisco, Kaspersky, CIS, other labs (with focus on Cyber):  

- CIA Factbook and other USG sources

What did we miss? Shoot us an email to to help us add to our list.

*Here's the answer from the AIRIP conference*

The intel chief recommended two podcasts, which we like as well:

For Cyber -

Geopolitics -

The Science of Security

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