Stabilitas an Honored Recipient of NSF SBIR Phase IIB Supplemental Award

SEATTLE, WA. Stabilitas awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase IIB grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

SEATTLE, WA. Stabilitas was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase IIB grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to focus on innovative breakthrough applications and commercialization of its AI-powered Critical Event Intelligence platform.

“Stabilitas is honored by this recognition from the National Science Foundation,” said Greg Adams, Stabilitas CEO. “This award owes to a massive team effort to create a solution that helps organizations ensure the safety of their employees, assets and operations. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and their dedication.”

A leader in the Enterprise Risk Management space, winner of the ASIS ‘Best New Security Product’, and a finalist for Intelligence and National Security Alliance/Microsoft Epic App Challenge, Stabilitas is a proven innovator for security and operations teams around the globe. Trusted by more than 3000 of the most admired companies in the world, Stabilitas provides an integrated AI-based event intelligence, alerting, and communication platform to keep clients’ employees, travelers, facilities, assets, and operations secure.

About Stabilitas:

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Stabilitas uses novel methods to improve Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The result is better geo-parsing of digital news sources to aggregate, display, and analyze critical events in original ways.

Greg Adams and Chris Hurst founded Stabilitas in 2015, based on their experiences leading U.S. Special Forces teams and working for Mercy Corps in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The founders’ story began with their desire to understand if their efforts in combat zones like Afghanistan and Iraq were making a positive difference. Due to the limitations of then-available technology, Adams and Hurst experienced latency in identifying risks, and once those risks surfaced, friction in alerting the teams that needed to know.

While at Harvard earning their MBAs, Adams and Hurst envisioned a platform that could detect critical events, assess the risk for employees and assets, effectively determine necessary action, and notify affected employees. That insight gave rise to the Stabilitas Critical Event platform.



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Eyes on Your World and a Plan to Protect

We believe implementing a sincere travel risk management program is, by necessity, two-pronged: A fine-tuned system for monitoring risk combined with fail-proof response mechanisms.

Monitoring Risk: Truly anticipating and preparing for risk requires real-time critical event intelligence. And this needs to be overlaid with data on the proximity and movement of your people. Only then can you focus resources on relevant precautions and targeted, timely alerts.

Response: Critical event response plans have little value in the absence of operational preparedness. This means having processes in place for locating, communicating with, assisting, and potentially extracting your people. And it needs to be done across borders, time zones, and governments.

Artificial Intelligence: The Backbone of your Risk Management Solution

It all begins with knowing. Only Stabilitas AI has eyes on 53 critical event types around the world; reporting faster and with more clarity than previously thought possible. The genius of  the Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence platform is the clarity it provides your team. You’re not patching together disparate systems to mind the status of those in your care. A single dashboard allows you to integrate stakeholders across the organization including HR, training, logistics, facilities, and your executive team. The intelligence you receive is weighed in the context of your company’s unique footprint of travel plans, events, offices, and logistics.

Travel and overseas assignments inherently increase risk factors, if for no other reason than uncertainty in an unfamiliar environment. With its continuous monitoring, Stabilitas is a highly reliable resource for planning and pre-travel advisories. It also supports geo-fencing so you can map safe-zone parameters. You’ll have the data to back decisions about additional protection measures like GPS tracking and mobile-device panic buttons.

With artificial intelligence as the backbone of the Stabilitas platform, your holistic duty of care program becomes a marriage of technology and services. Actionable intelligence pinpoints trouble spots so you can equip employees with tracking and emergency communications while at the same time giving them control over levels of privacy. When you’re receiving relevant information faster, you can more effectively plan the right level of support and response.

Beyond the legal vulnerability of a meager duty of care program are consequences that can lead to loss of trust and productivity. For example, employee anxiety can translate into hesitancy to travel or relocate. This could mean potentially losing out on valuable face-to-face business opportunities. You’ll know your program is working when all personnel can confidently fulfill their duties knowing you’ve got their back.

The Stabilitas Difference

Stabilitas fuses broad coverage with unparalleled speed to bring you the most accurate, actionable picture of your world, allowing you to protect your people wherever they are.

Speed: The time between when an event happens and when it’s picked up by your team is called “time to detect” (TTD). Rapid TTD can make the difference between pre-warning personnel and reacting to an event in progress. In a comparison of TTD, Stabilitas detected an event in just four minutes while it took a team of human analysts monitoring news sources nearly an hour. Social media has been shown to detect events faster, but noise and biases impact reliability.

Coverage: Stabilitas connects to more than 15,000 sources from government, weather and geological services, local and international press, and social media. This includes sources that security and intelligence professionals rely on for comprehensive global coverage. Stabilitas makes sense of it all by categorizing 53 critical event types. Validity is assured by cross-referencing multiple sources of events and even allowing for input from your own personnel on the ground.

Actionability: Stabilitas not only tracks critical events in real time, it maintains dynamic maps of your facilities, logistics, and personnel movements. This means your team can warn of potential impacts, take proactive security measures, and alert or extract – assuring the safety of all personnel.


By leveraging Stabilitas AI your team can focus on holistic duty of care – protecting employees, facilities, and assets. Stabilitas is the trusted platform for critical event intelligence, providing unmatched speed, coverage, and actionability.

Contact us today to see for yourself how we’re changing the world of critical event intelligence.


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