EPIC App Challenge Finalist

Stabilitas Selected as Finalist and Award Winner at the Intelligence and National Security Summit EPIC App Challenge

September 04, 2019


SEATTLE, WA. Stabilitas was selected as an award winner and finalist for the INSA/AFCEA (Intelligence and National Security Alliance/Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) EPIC App Challenge sponsored by Microsoft Azure. The second annual EPIC App challenge focused on open source news and media for events across the globe that may provide valuable intelligence to the US Government.

“Stabilitas is excited by this recognition from the INSA, AFCEA, and Microsoft Azure,” said Greg Adams, Stabilitas CEO. “We initially built Stabilitas based on my experience as a Green Berets in Afghanistan and elsewhere, realizing there was a significant need for tools to help accelerate and share our understanding of ground-truth information as quickly as possible. Today, we’re a proven innovator for security and operations teams around the globe. Trusted by some of the world’s most admired companies, we provide an integrated AI-based event intelligence, alerting, and communication platform to keep our clients’ employees, travelers, facilities, assets, and operations secure.”

A leader in the Enterprise Risk Management space, winner of the ASIS Best New Security Product, and a recipient of the NSF Small Business Innovation Research award, Stabilitas is quickly establishing itself as a critical component for any company that wants a better understanding of the world in which they operate. 

About Stabilitas: 

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Stabilitas uses machine learning to aggregate and explore knowledge from large amounts of open-source information, allowing organizations to set alerts and gather insights from that information.  

Greg Adams and Chris Hurst founded Stabilitas in 2015 based on their experiences leading U.S. Special Forces teams and working for Mercy Corps in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The founders’ story began with their desire to understand if their efforts in combat zones like Afghanistan and Iraq were making a positive impact. Due to the limitations of then-available technology, Adams and Hurst experienced latency in identifying risks, and once those risks surfaced, friction in alerting the teams that needed to know.

While at Harvard earning their MBAs, Adams and Hurst envisioned a platform that could detect critical events, assess the risk for employees and assets, effectively determine necessary action, and notify affected employees. That insight gave rise to the Stabilitas Critical Event platform.



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