Artificial Intelligence: A Force Multiplier for Your Team

There’s a lively debate today about whether artificial intelligence (AI) will replace security analysts. Can increasingly powerful computer algorithms pick up where human judgment left off? We believe this is a false dichotomy – and one that misses the point of AI-powered intelligence.

The question isn’t whether AI is better than humans; it’s whether humans are better with AI. When you consider the rapid changes taking place in the world of security and operational intelligence, the inescapable answer is: Yes.

Over the past twenty years, three key changes have propelled critical event monitoring to a scale that exceeds the capacity of humans to keep up:

1. BROADER SCOPE. Companies are increasingly distributed in their operations. Competitive pressures have given rise to a global presence and complex, just-in-time supply chains. Through its employees, partners, and vendors, a company may have operations in 24 time zones. That diffusion drives real economic benefits, but comes at the cost of monitoring critical events everywhere in the world.

2. EVENT VOLUME. The last two decades have seen a steady increase in the frequency and intensity of critical events. This trend applies both to man-made events like political unrest, terrorism, protests, and crime; and natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, and maritime incidents. There’s simply more happening that can impact a company’s people, facilities, and operations.

3. DATA EXPLOSION. With this increasing volume of events and the exponential growth of sensors via IoT, has come a proliferation of available data and data sources. The 24-hour news cycle, combined with ubiquitous social media and the billions of sensors and subsequent data has meant an overwhelming tonnage of information to sort through.

It’s vital to have eyes on every situation that can impact your organization. But when your analysts are spending the majority or their time gathering, reading, and processing, there’s little room for contextual interpretation. Getting them out of that trap to focus on higher-value tasks is the promise of purpose-built AI.

The mission of intelligence has always been to stay on top of events, anticipate their impacts, and respond effectively. That mission hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the underlying scope, scale, and volume. Today you’re expected to monitor more or less everything that’s happening in the world and respond at the speed of the Internet. You can’t be caught flat footed; it can mean the difference between making the call and responding to a call. And it’s impractical to try to hire enough people to get the job done. Hiring is too slow and too expensive – and the tide is against you.

Twenty-five years ago, an analyst covering a low-risk country had to read about 20,000 words per day. Today, the same analyst must read 200,000 words. That count is projected to rise to 2 million words by 2025.

And that’s just for one low risk country. In today’s world, you can’t afford to miss anything, but you also can’t afford to put enough people on the problem to keep pace. At some point, smart machines need to play a role in your strategy.

Smarter, Faster, More Effective

We believe the only way to adapt and thrive in this new reality is to harness smart machines. Only Stabilitas AI is purpose-built to deliver the actionable intelligence your team needs to protect your people, assets, and operations.

AI isn’t taking the analyst’s job; it’s augmenting an increasingly complex job. Stabilitas AI is working around the clock to uncover hard-to-find connections and patterns in critical event data, delivering vital support for your insights and predictions. Most importantly, everything is weighed in the context of your company’s unique footprint of people, partners, and assets. You don’t want to know everything that’s happening in the world, you just need to know what’s happening that could impact you. Stabilitas AI does that filtering, allowing you to focus on what matters.

In a single dashboard, your team has a picture of local and global threats drawn from more than 15,000 data sources. Stabilitas has trained its AI engine to assess, map, and categorize the information so you’re not wasting time chasing phantoms. You get real-time insights on the severity of events as they unfold. It’s the confidence of knowing what’s happening in your orbit and precisely who and what is affected. Your team can lever-up from processing data to acting on intelligence.

The Genius of Artificial Intelligence

With Stabilitas AI your team turns from uncovering and reporting to assessing and responding. You’re always first to know, which means you can act before a situation becomes a threat. Let’s look at how Stabilitas AI supports your security team:

The weight of protecting a company of scale and reach sits heavily on any security analyst’s shoulders. Stabilitas AI is the intuitive, powerful platform that allows them to be smarter, more focused, and better able to respond, communicate, and assist.

Jobs in the security field already challenge work/life balance with the need to be on call around the clock. Stabilitas AI assesses each critical incident in the context of your organization, meaning your team isn’t being peppered with irrelevant alerts. It’s a better return on their time, and your investment.

With a global shortage of security analysts, you already know you can’t hire enough people to process the data. Attracting qualified candidates is easier when they know they have the tools to succeed in a modern security context. And streamlining the workflow helps you retain the employees you’ve already invested in.


We believe the only way to adapt and thrive in this new reality is Stabilitas fuses broad coverage with unparalleled speed to bring you the most accurate, actionable picture of your world.

Speed: The time between when an event happens and when it’s picked up by your team is called “time to detect” (TTD). Rapid TTD can make the difference between pre-warning personnel and reacting to an event in progress. In a comparison of TTD, Stabilitas outperformed human-only teams by 90%.  

Coverage: Stabilitas ingests more than 15,000 sources from government bureaus, weather and geological services, local and international press, and social media. This includes sources that security and intelligence professionals rely on for comprehensive global coverage. Stabilitas makes sense of it all by categorizing 53 critical event types. Stabilitas AI then provides programmatic validation by cross-referencing multiple sources and allowing for input from your people on the ground.

Actionability: Stabilitas not only tracks critical events in real time, it maintains dynamic maps of your facilities, logistics, and personnel movements. This means your team can warn of potential impacts, take proactive security measures, and re-route resources – assuring operational continuity and uninterrupted customer service.


By leveraging Stabilitas AI, your team can focus on protecting employees, facilities, operations, and assets. Stabilitas is the trusted platform for critical event intelligence, providing unmatched speed, coverage, and actionability.

Contact us today to see for yourself how Stabilitas is changing the world of critical event intelligence.

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