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Part 2 of 3 in our overview of the Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence Platform

In today's world, hyper-local events often amplify into global repercussions. Most companies have international vendors and operations, globally distributed facilities, on-demand supply chains, and mobile workforces.  This level of complexity makes ensuring the safety of your people and the continuity of operations increasingly difficult. 

Every day, thousands of potentially critical events take place all over the world. To respond effectively, companies need the full spectrum of available data (vs. a subset), a solid understanding of the events that affect them, and confidence the intelligence they receive is reliable. We refer to this intersection of intelligence quantity and quality as Coverage

The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence Platform uses artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled coverage of critical events around the world. In doing so, it leverages three key building blocks: 

  1. Geographical coverage: a mix of hyper-local, regional, national and international sources shed light on global incidents as well as local incidents with global impacts
  2. Event type coverage: machine learning algorithms search for and identify risk-related incidents spanning more than 50 event types
  3. Multi-source coverage: clustering of reports from multiple sources ensures validity and facilitates in-depth research of risks.

Geographical coverage

Stabilitas mines more than 15,000 data sources to provide comprehensive geographical coverage. Our intelligence platform ingests structured and unstructured data from trusted sources including government bureaus, weather and geological services, local and international press, and social media. We integrate the sources relied upon by the best security and intelligence professionals in the business – and supplement that intelligence with many more sources to provide the most robust global coverage available today.

Event type coverage

Stabilitas tracks the 53 classes of events that matter most to companies. Leading organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Government agencies (e.g. FBI, FEMA, NATO), and Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR), have developed their own classifications of critical events. We have combined these ontologies with our own expertise in military and disaster management to build a superset of critical event types. 

Critical events are classified into three major categories based on whether they are naturally occurring, accidental (unintentional, negligence, etc.), or intentionally caused by humans.  Specifically:

This ontology is further refined into sub-classes that provide distinct labeling by incident type. Take for instance, fire. A fire event can range from a controlled burn, a forest fire burning out of control, a chemical explosion, or arson. The difference matters in mounting an effective response.  A robust event taxonomy allows the Stabilitas platform to start with the highest order of data (e.g., initial satellite footage of smoke, which pinpoints a geo-location), then quickly parse and overlay additional information from other to characterize the fire type and cause. 

Multi-source coverage

With the proliferation of news sources – especially social media – ensuring reliability is more important than ever. If you run a global security operations center or oversee a supply chain, you need to know, before mounting a priority response, that the alerts you’ve received are based on valid information. By drawing on multiple sources and cross-referencing coverage of a given event, the Stabilitas platform delivers intelligence with a high degree of fidelity.

Bringing it all together

So, how do geographical coverage, event type coverage, and multi-source coverage combine to provide better intelligence? Take for example, the recent fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Here’s a time lapse view:

  • Satellites detect a high volume of smoke in central Paris. This satellite data and its associated geographical coordinates are pulled into the Stabilitas platform.
  • The incident is flagged as a potentially critical event (“fire”), but not yet definitively categorized as “arson” or “accidental.”
  • Initial press reports describe the wooden roof beams burning out of control. This data is pulled into the Stabilitas platform and used to make an initial classification of the fire.
  • Twitter feeds begin to stream thousands of posts and images of the blaze. Stabilitas pulls in twitter reports from trusted sources and clusters these reports with the ongoing story.
  • Later press reports indicate that the fire was likely the cause of an electrical short circuit. This information is pulled into the Stabilitas platform and used to categorize the incident as a “structure fire” (not “arson”).
  • In addition to the initial alert, issued within minutes of detection, clients receive an increasingly rich picture of the incident unfolding. Instead of 200 disparate reports on the fire, they see all relevant coverage clustered into a single event profile.

The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence platform consolidates reliable incident data to provide coverage across the 53 classes of critical events that matter most to businesses. As the platform receives additional data, we provide the intelligence on the class of event so that you can anticipate any downstream disruptions and respond accordingly. This comprehensive, validated intelligence enables companies to take responsible action, protecting their people and operations and improving their bottom line. 

Human assisted AI

One of the biggest pain points we hear from Security and Operations teams is that it’s not possible to track events across every time zone, sort through the noise, and correlate events to the locations of their employees, suppliers, facilities, and supply chain nodes when minutes make all the difference. Prior to Stabilitas, there wasn’t a cost-efficient way to cover all events across the globe or to understand their potential impacts. Now, you have that all in the palm of your hand.

Learn more

The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence platform gives our clients the advantage of knowing which events might affect their people, facilities, and operations. It delivers the speed, coverage, and actionability to drive better outcomes. Learn more about how you can empower your team with the latest technology to help them keep your employees and your assets safe while ensuring an efficient flow of your operations: contact us here. Tune in next month for our feature on Actionability.

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