Data Referee

Our system currently reads one thousand+ newspapers every hour, identifying articles with content related to safety and security, mapping that news, then alerting analysts and security professionals around the world to keep their companies safe. The work is to be part of a National Science Foundation grant, and the resulting product will be used by real-life customers.

Stabilitas is looking for people to work as part-time data referees, checking the tags that our machines assign to the data. Ideally, these referees will work for a minimum of 10 hours per week. This job can be completed from anywhere there is a good internet connection, has flexible work hours, and competitive pay, and could lead to a full-time job offer. You'll receive the opportunity to engage with and learn about the hot fields of data science and machine learning.


  • Review the tags assigned by the Stabilitas AI engine to ensure the accuracy of an article's Usefulness, Geo Parsing, Severity, and Category.
  • As an example, our AI has to address the "Springfield" problem. An article about Springfield Massachusetts should not be placed in Springfield Oregon.
  • As a second example, a journalist stating that "a movie 'bombed" should not create an alert related to security.


  • College degree preferred, though not required.
  • Speed, accuracy, and attention to detail are critical.
  • Ability to quickly assign attributes based on prior definitions. Machines have to be taught based on clear definitions. Strong data referees understand the importance of those definitions.

Personal Attributes

  • Interest in security, political science, AI, and/or tech is a plus.

About Stabilitas

Stabilitas uses Machine Learning to find news about safety and security, map the news to it's correct location, and alert organizations with assets nearby. When the news picks up a shooting, protest, disaster, etc in Mexico City, Stabilitas maps that report in seconds, and alerts Government and Commercial entities with trucks, factories, and travelers at risk. We differentiate in ease of use, speed, a Common Operating Picture for multiple organizations, and customized alerting and filtering - so the right people get notified at the right time. Stabilitas is a recipient of a ~$1M grant from the National Science Foundation for the enhancement of the AI. The Chief of Data at Stabilitas is RAND PhD.

Stabilitas, Inc.

4045 Mason Rd

Seattle, WA 98105

Job Type: Part Time

Job Location:

  • Seattle, WA

Required experience:

  • College degree strongly preferred.

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