Speed, Coverage, Actionability

Over 100 million vehicles carry $220 billion in goods and 300 million people travel every day. Thousands of potential critical events happen every day. As more companies have people and operations around the globe, they face complex challenges in responding to critical events. The increasing frequency and intensity of these events – combined with the proliferation of news sources and the expansion of locations to monitor – has put corporate operations teams at a disadvantage. The Stabilitas platform provides companies with the speed, coverage and actionability for them to respond effectively in today’s critical event environment.


With the staggering amount of data flowing into an operations center, analysts face significant challenges in identifying critical events. While social media and news feeds can provide information quickly, the sheer volume of intelligence that needs to be monitored, reviewed and interpreted is overwhelming. The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence Platform alerts you within minutes - 90% faster than traditional one-dimensional monitoring, which means you’re able to alert employees and re-route any assets in transit. Companies can take immediate action while the event is happening instead of reacting to something that has already happened. 


Companies need confidence that they will be alerted to events occurring anywhere in the world because they have global operations and people traveling. They also need to know the type of event that is happening because this is crucial to understanding the potential impact on their business. Stabilitas tracks the 53 classes of events that matter most to organizations, providing 98% critical event coverage across the globe.
Our proprietary AI platform ingests data from more than 15,000 trusted global sources to identify, class, and rate events as they unfold. This automated intelligence pipeline gives our clients the advantage of knowing what events might affect their people, facilities and operations and alerting them in time to take effective action.


Companies are overwhelmed by noise. They don’t need more information on everything that’s happening in the world; they need intelligence on just those events that affect their people and assets. To reduce the risk profile, critical event intelligence needs to connect an event with company data on the location of facilities, supply chain nodes, traveling employees. This programmatic correlation allows response teams to move quickly to protect people and assets. The Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence Platform filters critical event information into a clear operating picture so that companies can achieve better financial, operations and safety results. Clients gain the ability to anticipate risks to their business through real-time intelligence and the ability to predict most likely scenarios based on prior like events.

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