About Us

In 2015, we started Stabilitas to keep people and organizations safe and productive.  

We're passionate about tech, data science, policy, and security.  We believe technology and collaboration can provide a whole new way of thinking about security, globally.

Executive Team

Chief executive officer

Greg Adams

Greg Adams was a Special Forces Team Leader in western Afghanistan.  He was responsible for coordinating with multiple types of organizations - from government to NGO to business - from US to Afghanistan to NATO partners.  He needed a common operating picture - to support a Common Operating Environment - particularly for keeping people safe.  He decided to build it.

Chris Hurst and Greg Adams are classmates from West Point and the same Policy/Data Science/Business program at Harvard.

Chief operating officer

Chris Hurst

After serving as an Army Diver, Chris led engineering teams to complex environments in the Middle East, Asia and South America.  Then, prior to Stabilitas, Chris was the Director of Enterprise Risk Management for a large NGO with people and ops in 40 countries.  

He wrestled with 3 problems: (1) is this area safe?  (2) when an incident occurs, who and what is affected?  and (3) how do I quickly inform anyone impacted?