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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our mission is to help organizations save time, money, and lives through actionable intelligence. That doesn't just apply to our work with our customers, it's our raison d'etre. In addition to updating our product to help our customers better understand and navigate COVID-19, we've vetted publicly available resources and identified those sources we think provide the most value during this pandemic. You can find all that information here.

COVID-19 Resources

Critical events disrupt lives and hurt the economy. Each year, natural and man-made disasters impact more than 150 million people; companies pay an estimated $600 billion in damages. Stabilitas is the leader in critical event intelligence, providing the information you need – faster and with the greatest global coverage – so you can act decisively and make a positive difference for your company and employees. 

Critical Event Intelligence Platform

Stabilitas delivers a full-suite solution for event monitoring, asset intelligence, and mass notifications. It is used by security, travel, logistics, finance, intelligence, and insurance teams responsible for business continuity, physical safety, and duty of care. 

The Stabilitas platform provides companies with the speed, coverage and actionability needed to respond effectively in today’s critical event environment.

Thousands of potential critical events happen every day. As more companies have people and operations around the globe, they face complex challenges in responding to critical events. The increasing frequency and intensity of these events – combined with the proliferation of news sources and the expansion of locations to monitor – has put corporate operations teams at a disadvantage.

Time to detect speed


Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information? Act 90% faster with the Stabilitas Critical Event Platform to take immediate action.

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Critical event global coverage


Can you track critical events anywhere in the world that impact your organization? Get unparalleled coverage with intelligence that tells what events are happening and how they might affect your people and operations.

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Act decisively with critical event intelligence


Do you have the intelligence you need to act decisively? Filter critical event information into a clear, relevant operating picture so that you deliver better financial, operations and safety results.

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Do you have the critical event intelligence you need to keep your company safe?


Stabilitas Critical Event Intelligence Platform

With the right critical event AI-powered platform, you can immediately understand what kind of event is happening and the potential causality for how it impacts your business operations.

Proprietary Stabilitas critical event dashboard
Proprietary Stabilitas critical event intelligence view

Our proprietary AI platform pulls data from more than 15,000 trusted global sources and integrates that into our automated intelligence pipeline in milliseconds. This massive gain in speed and coverage gives our clients the advantage of knowing sooner which events might affect their people, facilities and operations. Allowing them to take decisive action to keep their people safe and their operations moving.

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