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We help travelers stay safe, connected, and informed about what is happening around them. We support organizations in taking care of their people, and we give loved ones peace of mind. Stabilitas is for teams and travelers of all types: from professional to leisure, corporate to nonprofit, families to universities. Join our network of informed travelers today.

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After a validated terror threat in Uganda:
"Thanks to the app … we were able to report where everyone was and communicate to our executive team. This meant that everyone felt ‘in control’ and no travel plans were disrupted."
"You guys are on to something. If you can help us better collect and visualize data about security here, we'll be able to keep our staff better informed about where to go and not to go, to better allocate security resources, and eventually to show the government patterns of insecurity - to hold them more accountable."

- General Counsel, Mexican Branch, F500 Firm
"We love the app. And for us, this isn’t just about travelers abroad."

- Security Manager, large science firm in the Pacific Northwest
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